Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Latest status

I was able to verify that the board we built last week is working using my customized power supply that has the RX/TX lines on the DIN 6 connector side looped. Today I finally was able to send the control commands to the Roomba but I didn't see any response from it. I read where all of these third generation devices, built before Oct. 2005, will not work unless they have been modified. So I must assume that this is the problem and I need to purchase a OSMO Hacker to enable the ROI commands and then try again. This device can be purchased on ebay for $20 with shipping or new for $30 from iRobot. I hope to have this device soon, so I see the Roomba be controlled but in the mean time I can work on the Router and the other parts of the system I have wanted to work on.

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