Monday, January 19, 2009

Report - Week 2

The first week since I started the blog, I made some progress. Here are some highlights:
  • Started the requirements and the document to track this
  • Received the Roomba 4200 and the Linksys WRTSL54GS Router from Matteo
  • Ordered a new battery (the one I was sent was DOA) for about $40 as the Roomba doesn't do much without a working battery
  • Talked about the project with various people, technical and non-technical. This helped to get new ideas and gauge interest
  • Talked with Matteo about his ideas for his project that included these parts
  • Ordered a Hacking Roomba book
  • Trying to get the router working with OpenWRT, but it didn't respond, so am debugging this currently
Also I:
  • Continued to research existing robot projects to understand the public state of the art
  • Brainstormed and logged the various ideas I have
  • Researched electronics, software, and even mechanical tools
  • Logged books I need , people I can ask for help, etc.

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